Engine oil is designed to perform a number of key functions such as lubricating moving parts, transferring heat and reducing friction under normal driving conditions. However, don’t assume that oil alone will keep your engine running at its optimum performance and efficiency.

While quality oils will perform to manufacturer’s specifications, it is possible to enhance the oils performance and even add extra properties to help your engine run at its best, no matter which grade of oil you use. There are also certain functions that oil was never designed to do, like rectify minor problems that impair engine performance and potentially lead to serious issues. If you are serious about optimum engine performance you should use purpose designed additives with your oil.

Engine oil additives are available for performing a wide variety of tasks such as reducing friction, cleaning engine internals and problem solving. Liqui-Moly oil additives are suitable for all engines.

Additives can be used to solve an array of engine problems like stopping oil leaks and exhaust smoke, dampening noise for quieter running, or removing oil sludge and reducing oil consumption. When it comes to common problems – additives can offer an economical long term fix, without the need for major repairs.

Fuel contamination and engine deposits reduce power over time, so using a Fuel System Cleaner and Engine Flush at regular intervals ensures the engine is getting the most out of the combustion cycle. Anti-friction treatments will improve fuel efficiency and provide smoother, quieter running while maximising power at the top end of the rev range.

Performance driving and high load applications like towing, wear out engines much faster than normal driving. High quality fuel and oil additive supplements combined with a manufacturer specified motor oil, ensure the practical service life of your engine is maximised.