Although we all like to look after our car, sometimes it’s the things we think about the least that can do the most damage. Fuel is the raw energy source needed for an engine to function. It travels through a number of components along the way before it’s converted to power via the combustion cycle. It’s a commercial reality that today’s fuels contain a number of contaminants, and coupled with the by-product of combustion, carbon and other harmful deposits can form.


An ineffective fuel system may go unnoticed as the effects are quite gradual, however performance and efficiency can be compromised in as little as 2,000 to 5,000 kilometres. Therefore it’s important to take steps to minimise the adverse effects on your engines fuel and combustion components. You may also want to consider enhancing the fuels combustion properties to noticeably boost performance.


When should you use a Fuel System Cleaner?
Fuel flow and atomisation is critical for engines to work in an effective manner. You can use a Fuel System Cleaner to detox a fuel system that has starting or hesitation problems, rough idling, poor acceleration or above normal exhaust emissions.


Why use Liqui-Moly’s Fuel System Cleaner/ Conditioner?
Liqui-Moly’s Fuel System Cleaner/Conditioner is more effective than other fuel injection cleaners on the market. The concentrated formula with its intense detox is designed to deeply clean stubborn carbon and contaminants from the fuel system, injectors and valves, this cleaning product restores horsepower and reliability. Once cleaned, the formula works hard to protect everything from the tank to the combustion chamber leaving behind a thin layer of film to keep the system healthy for up to 10,000km.


Can I use it in my car?
Liqui-Moly Fuel System Cleaner/ Conditioner is ideal everything from high performance engines to the family sedan. It’s suitable for petrol and diesel engines running both carburettors and fuel injection systems. The product is safe for all catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and diesel particulate filters.