The Ford Pinto engine is the nick name given to the 4-cylinder engine built by Ford Europe. Designed and firstly produced in the 1970’s, the ‘Pinto Engine’ was the first Ford engine to feature a belt-driven overhead camshaft. It was produced in 5 displacements, 1.3 L (1,294 cc), earlier 1.6 L (1,593 cc), later 1.6 L (1,598 cc), 1.8 L (1,796 cc) and the famous 2.0 L (1,993 cc) which became a sort after engine for race and rally in the 1980’s. Ford went on to present the 2.0L Cosworth as a performance engine for the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. Making the Pinto an icon for Ford Europe and Ford enthusiasts everywhere!

Peter Backhouse of Twin Cam Services Seaford Victoria has a business specializing in the 2.0L ‘Pinto’ engine for historic motorsport. Being one of only a handful of specialists in Australia and in the world, Peter is responsible for building, tuning and maintaining many Cosworth, Lotus-Ford and Pinto engines.

Bob Cracknell (The owner & Driver) acquired the rare car in Kansas USA and has performed a comprehensive rebuild with the classic racing circuit in mind. The Tiga is a lightweight at just 550Kg and is powered by the 2.0L Pinto engine, generating 145hp. The rare Tiga was produced by ‘Tiga Race Cars Ltd’, a British auto racing constructor and team founded in 1974 by two former Formula 1 drivers, Aussie Tim Schenken and Kiwi Howden Ganley.

Tiga constructed racing cars for various forms of open wheel racing and sports car racing, ranging from Formula Ford to the World Sportscar Championship. With good racing success nearly 400 chassis were sold by Tiga before the company folded in 1989.

Liqui Moly is proud to support Peter, Bob and the team in the Tiga Sports 2000 (pictured). The car competed at the Philip Island Classic on March 9th, 10th and 11th and also in the classic category at the Australian GP running on run Liqui Moly Race Tech 10W60 with MOS2 additive.

Engine:2000 cc RS2000 4 cylinder Ford Escort Engine
Bore: 90.8 mm
Power:145HP @ 6500 RPM
Gearbox : Newlands 4 Speed straight cut gears
Top Speed: 250 Kim’s per hour