Just the other day, a customer came in concerned about a rattling noise in the top end of their engine. It wasn’t long before we narrowed it down to a sticking lifter. Noisy lifters and tappets are the most common cause of engine noise, particularly for older engines. Not only that, but it can cause inefficiencies in your engine, and in severe cases even cause damage to the head.

Tappet noise is most commonly caused by a build-up of carbon and oil sludge that restricts oil flow to the top of the engine. Fortunately, Liqui-Moly has released a product called Tappet Stop Noise. It’s an additive designed to clean your lifters, valves, guides and bores to ensure your engine function as efficiently as possible. Surprisingly, it does all of this without affecting the viscosity of your engine oil, and it’s suitable for use in modern petrol and diesel engines.

The best thing about Tappet Stop Noise is it means you get extra life out of your engine. Tappet Stop Noise isn’t a permanent solution for an engine that’s in need of a rebuild; however, when used as part of your regular servicing schedule, it will prolong the life of your engine and keep it operating quietly.

Since keeping a few bottles of Tappet Stop Noise at the workshop, I’ve realised how many 4WDs are in need of some attention, and I’ve gotta say, Tappet Stop Noise really does do what the name suggests.