The Liqui-Moly DPF cleaning system is a low cost solution to a blocked or impaired diesel particulate filter. The two part cleaning & flushing process helps to break down a blockage, allowing the vehicle to perform a regeneration successfully. No removal of the particulate filter is required. Specialised tooling allows for access via a pressure or temperature sensor in the exhaust system. A choice of probes can be inserted through the opening allowing the cleaning fluid to be sprayed directly onto the surface of the particulate filter.

The first step uses a specially developed cleaner to dissolve the encrusted soot. Secondly a flushing solution moves the dissolved soot to allow enough exhaust gas flow for the normal regeneration process to occur. The entire job takes a maximum of 1.5 hours depending on the vehicle and requires an on road and or äóÖplug inäó» style regeneration.




Pro-Line DPF Cleaner (5169) 1L

Pro-Line DPF Flush (5171) 500mL

DPF Spray Gun with 5 spray probes