• Boosts fuel ignition performance to reduce engine knock.
  • Cleans injectors & cuts exhaust smoke.
  • Adds lubrication & improves fuel economy.

Liqui-Moly Diesel Clean & Boost is an advanced fuel additive for all diesel engines. It noticeably reduces typical diesel engine clatter and engine noise by increasing the ignition performance (cetane number) of diesel fuel. This formulation will also improve engine performance and acceleration, whilst reducing injector fouling, exhaust smoke and emissions.

Diesel Clean & Boost adds lubrication to the fuel system which can help to reduce fuel system component wear over time due to the low sulphur content in todays diesel fuels. It cleans injectors to combat the effects of fuel system contamination, protects against corrosion and improves the all-round engine performance. Suitable for all diesel fuels and safe and effective for turbocharged or supercharged engines with or without a DPF.

250mL | Part No: 2701 | RRP $16.95

1L | Part No: 2769 | RRP $39.00