While it’s easy to get lost in the world of diesel 4WDs, there’s still a lot to be said for a solid petrol engine. They’re typically cheaper to buy, they offer more raw power, and they’re great for sand driving. We still get plenty of petrol 4WDs in at the workshop, particularly Patrols and LandCruisers, so I’m always looking for ways to get the most out of their engines.

Just as there are common issues with diesel engines, there are also typical things that can happen to a petrol motor. It can be difficult to notice a drop in power or throttle response over time, as it can occur quite gradually. That is, until you find yourself struggling to get up the driveway with the camper trailer in tow! Temperamental carburettors have been the bane of many 4WDers existence over the years, and the cause of many big drops in power when they’re not running right. Carby swaps or even EFI conversions can be expensive and even become a nightmare to get running right, which is why your first step should be Liqui-Moly’s Carburettor and Valve Cleaner.

This additive is tipped straight into your petrol tank and breaks down residues in the carburettor, intake valves, combustion chamber and spark plugs. This is the line of fuel combustion, so you’ll often find that one of these items will be the cause of difficult starting, increased fuel consumption or a drop in power. Running a bottle of Carburettor and Valve Cleaner regularly will offer improvements across all of these issues, and will prevent corrosion of internal engine components, even during long periods of no use.

It’s pretty rare that I’m out in the bush with a petrol 4WD running at its peak, and often pinging and fuel detonation issues are a big part of their problem. The Carburettor and Valve cleaner will restore the appropriate fuel delivery to your engine, which will improve both of these issues significantly. You can also expect improved throttle response and smoother idling, which is great for those low-range tracks.

So before you go replacing or upgrading any of your petrol fuel system, run a few bottles of Carburettor and Valve cleaner through the tank and tell me you can’t notice a difference!