EACH year the 7.2 million readers of Germany’s Auto Bild, Auto Motor und Sport, Auto Zeitung and Motor Klassik are asked to name the best oil brand. Having taken the title, ‘Best Brand’ on a number of previous occasions, the readers voted LIQUI-MOLY number one yet again in 2018. That’s eight times in row for Auto Motor und Sport and Auto Zeitung and seven times running for Auto Bild and Motor Klassik!

LIQUI-MOLY CEO, Ernst Prost commented, “being voted ‘Best Brand’ is of great importance. The surveys are very democratic and provide an honest picture of the mood of the enthusiast readership. This clear vote is both an honour and obligation – to maintain the level of excellence people have come to expected from us.”

Despite such a long run of success, there was no trace of routine or nonchalance from Ernst, “It is very exciting for us when the results are released. Almost like at the Oscars. We’re very proud of the good performance in the readers’ surveys.”

The motor oil business is dominated by large, global corporations, yet LIQUI-MOLY, a comparatively small German company is able to assert itself in a David versus Goliath style battle, emerging victorious both within the market place and in terms of customer satisfaction.

“Being voted ‘Best Oil Brand’ again and again for almost a decade doesn’t happen by itself,” says Günter Hiermaier, Austria’s Head of Domestic Sales. “It’s the result of the hard teamwork from every one of our 850 employees. We want to offer our customers the best products and the best service.”

Alongside the many other advertising measures, the popularity of LIQUI-MOLY is also contributed to its global sponsorship activities. Over the past few months, the brand was visible at numerous globally renowned events and championships.

“LIQUI-MOLY is currently represented at the MotoGP motorbike World Championship and at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Denmark,” says Marketing Director, Peter Baumann. “And the LIQUI-MOLY Bathurst 12-Hour has grown into a huge international event.”

Brand awareness is important, but the hard currencies are quality and innovation. That’s why the company invests millions into research and development year in, year out.

“We work closely with the world’s major car manufacturers, so that we can provide our customers with oils that carry hard-to-get manufacturer approval,” says Development Director David Kaiser. “The customer can get LIQUI-MOLY lubricants for the latest engine technology, just the same as they can for classic, race or performance vehicles.”

And it doesn’t matter what kind of lubricant it is, they all go through the same complex and exacting testing processes.

“This allows us to ensure a permanently consistent product quality of the highest level,” says David. “Instead of resting on our laurels, LIQUI-MOLY engineers never stop working on the next generation of motor oils. As LIQUI-MOLY want ‘Made in Germany’ and ‘Made by LIQUI-MOLY’ lubricants to be voted Germany’s ‘Best Brand’ and ‘Most Popular’ for many more years to come.”

This is the LIQUI-MOLY way.