If I had to choose one complaint I hear a lot of as a mechanic, it would have to be ‘can you check my gearbox, it’s feeling a bit notchy?’. It’s a common problem particularly in older gearboxes, and is more often than not caused by simple wear and tear. Of course, I’ve seen instances of this wear being accelerated by using the wrong grade of oil. It may sound insignificant, but use the right oil and you will find that changing gears has never been easier!

When I was talking to one of my customers the other day, he was complaining how first thing in the morning he couldn’t get his GQ Patrol to change into second gear. He was a little concerned because he’d only recently had the gearbox rebuilt, and from day dot he had this problem. Now, anyone that owns a manual Patrol will know what I’m talking about here. I’m sure you’ve all experienced it at some stage. Naturally, we wanted to fix the issue, so he left it with us for a few hours. It was not long after throwing it up on the hoist that we spotted the problem, they’d actually used the wrong oil.

It’s a good thing Liqui-Moly stock not only engine oil, but also a range of gear oils as well. It was in this situation where the online oil catalogue really came in handy. It was as easy as jumping online, putting in the model and year, then scrolling down until you came to the transmission section. From there it was just a matter of grabbing the right oil off the shelf, filling up the gearbox and taking it for a test drive. Thanks to the high quality, and of course using the right oil grade of Liquid-Moly oil, the gear changes in the Patrol were perfect, even the customer agreed!

So you may be wondering how often you need to change your gearbox oil? For everyday use, the gearbox oil should be changed around every 40,000km. For you 4WDers who tend to push your trucks through all sorts of mud, water and dirt, your oil will need to be changed a little more regularly, every 20,000km.

It’s also important not to forget to check the level every service, and before any big trips. If you ensure that you change your gearbox oil and top it up with quality oil like Liqui-Moly, you’ll receive years and years of hassle-free gear changes.