PRICE-for-purpose is an unavoidable consequence of modern life. Even the very best automotive fuels and lubricants temper ultimate performance in the name of broad-suitability and financial constraints. However if you’re a discerning consumer who’s pride and joy is more than just a means of transport, these two tailored Liqui-Moly additives provide enhanced engine longevity, optimised performance, along with added protection during high-stress, high-load operation.



Safe for use in all petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, including those using ethanol blended fuels (*Note: not recommended for use with E85 biofuel). The chemical make-up of Liqui-Moly’s Fuel System Cleaner/Conditioner is actually a high dose of the commercially-available additives found in some bowser fuels. However its intense formulation gives it deep, penetrating cleaning power to dislodge and remove the stubborn and harmful build-up left behind by the contaminants found in all pump fuels – especially the lower-grade variants. Being a fuel system conditioner, it also inhibits new deposits from forming.

These deposits can create a litany of engine dilemmas including; diminished fuel efficiency, poor idle quality, subdued acceleration, troublesome starting, off-idle hesitation and increased exhaust emissions. The periodical use of high-quality fuel system cleaners, like Liqui-Moly’s, have proven very effective at addressing all of these issues, which is why they’re widely used in professional workshops. It’s not often that such an easy-to-use product, offering so many benefits can be had in an affordable can. Grab one at any leading automotive parts outlets.


Effective for up to 10,000km. Add a can of Liqui-Moly Fuel System Cleaner/Conditioner into your fuel tank before your next full, fill – it’s the quickest and easiest detox you can give your engine.


Originally developed to maintain lubrication in piston-driven aircraft engines at high altitude. The incredible low-friction and robust lubrication properties of Molybdenum-Disulfide (MoS2) have been well known for years. The production and patenting of a liquid, additive form of Molybdenum-Disulfide in 1957, was Liqui-Moly’s first product and formed the basis of the company.

As well as being found in a select number of Liqui-Moly oils, liquefied Molybdenum-Disulfide is the active ingredient in Liqui-Moly’s MOS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment. Suitable for all road users and numerous non-highway applications, the MOS2 oil additive is specially formulated to significantly extend the life of your engine (especially if it ever suffers a momentary loss in oil pressure), while giving it maximum protection in high-stress, high-load applications, as experienced during towing, off-roading, spirited driving and under racing or competition conditions.

John Bowe is a long-term advocate of MOS2. “When you’re paying the bills out of your own pocket, you quickly identify what works and what doesn’t,” says JB. “With Mustang Sally’s engine being based on 40-year old technology, it needs even better protection to help it survive. And believe you me, every time it goes out it gets the living hell beat out of it.”

Given the benefits of MOS2’s high lubricity, your engine will think all its Birthdays have come at once.


MOS2 Engine Treatment in one hundred percent compatible with all commercially available mineral and synthetic oils used in single and multi-cam engines (including supercharged and turbocharged configurations). Each 300ml can is capable of treating up to seven litres of oil.


IF PRODUCTS like Liqui-Moly’s Fuel System Cleaner and Anti-Friction Engine Treatment work so well, why do they need to be incorporated as an additive? Why don’t oil and fuel manufactures simply include the relevant ingredients into their products? Well, they do…sort of.

Pump fuels have inbuilt cleaning ability, however it’s quite mild and you still get a build up over time. In contrast, Liqui-Moly’s Fuel System Cleaner/Conditioner is a powerful, highly-concentrated product capable of cleaning away the toughest of built-up material without negatively-effecting engine operation. Rather than continuous use, it’s intended for high-intensity, periodic cleaning every 5,000 to 10,000km.

As for oils; premium-grade lubricants do perform well and don’t necessarily need such a high-performing additive. However this is typically only true of crisp, fresh engines operated in an average manner. Liqui-Moly’s MOS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment is a more tailored additive that specifically targets engines in which wear has begun to set in, along with engines operated at the upper end of their load and performance capabilities.

Compared to generic additives that are designed for the broadest possible range of typical operating conditions and environments, optimised additives like Liqui-Moly’s Fuel System Cleaner/Conditioner and MOS2 Anti-Friction Engine Treatment offer significant benefits due to their highly-specialised nature. But what else would you expect from German-made and engineered products?


Wonder if the owner of the 150,000km-old engine this inlet valve came out of, had noticed its gradual drop in performance? Adding Liqui-Moly’s Fuel System Cleaner/Conditioner every 5,000 to 10,000km specifically targets such power-robbing deposits.