We’re all aware of the importance of using only quality fuels in our 4WDs. If you own a diesel, you’ll know that contaminated fuel can cause extensive damage to components like the fuel pump and injectors if gone unchecked.

With pump diesel in remote towns often extremely dirty, it’s absolutely vital that you take as many precautionary steps as possible to keep your fuel system COMPILED BY GLEN HADDEN Clean your diesel injection system the easy way and save thousands in the process clean and clear of blockages. If  you don’t, the result can mean a repair bill that runs well into the thousands of dollars.

One important step is to give your diesel injection system a thorough flush as part of your regular servicing schedule. Now in my opinion there’s no other product as effective and easy-to-use as Liqui-Moly’s Diesel Purge Plus.

For a traditional system, all you’ve got to do is undo both the inlet and return lines from your injector pump, submerge them in the can and start the engine. As the formula runs through the fuel system it removes micro-sized deposits from the injectors, carbon from rings and the cylinder head, which can all affect the combustion of fuel and the spray pattern of your injectors.

Once you’ve used the entire can, and the engine stops, bleed the system and reconnect everything back up. Expect not just better performance, but also improved fuel economy, smoother running and reduced smoke and soot emissions. For a common rail, empty fuel filter cartridge or housing by draining the diesel out and simply refill it with the contents of the can.

I’ve been using Diesel Purge Plus religiously after every trip where the fuel I use may be less than ideal. After all, sometimes it’s all you’ve got access to. I’d rather spend a few dollars each time I service the truck than fork out for an injector replacement, which can run well over $5000, particularly if you drive a new generation common-rail 4WD.