John Bowe on 2018 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour

“What a weird race,” says John Bowe, long-term Liqui-Moly Brand ambassador. “So many accidents and so many mishaps. It was like everyone was affected by a full moon the night before. I guess that’s why every Bathurst event becomes iconic.”

Even John’s weekend with Wall Racing was filled with drama. Come Saturday afternoon, it looked like JB’s weekend was done after the yellow #6 Safe-T-Stop Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 they had entered developed an engine issue. Initially the team attempted to source a replacement engine, however specification differences would not allow any of the available engines to work with the Safe-T-Stop’s engine management system. Then overnight, Richard Gartner leased Justin McMillan’s new-er spec black Gallardo R-EX. Wall Racing team manager, David Fyfe then rallied the team who worked through the night to ready the car for Sunday morning.

“The boys and girls at Wall Racing went way beyond the call of duty,” says John, “working throughout the night to get the car ready. Most of them were without any sleep. That’s dedication, and I’m in awe of them. I can’t thank the Wall Racing family enough. I’ve raced Historics and Bathurst 6-hour production with them. They’re a fantastic bunch people, they run such a great team and are great to be involved with. Also, Richard Gartner’s attitude is the same as mine, ‘you’ve got to enjoy your racing’. I’d also like to thank the race officials, who also went way beyond the call of duty to help us get back into the race.”

Despite set-up and electrical issues (which affected the ABS, traction control, shift light and dash), Gartner, Morall, Wall and Bowe all drove a conservative race. Plugged away, kept out of trouble and were rewarded with a 2nd in AAM (GT3 Amateur Class) for their efforts.

“If they hadn’t red flagged the race we would have won,” says JB, “as the #69 Audi destroyed in the race-stopping accident won the class.”

#Note: To ensure nobody takes advantage of the red-flag situation, final positions revert back to the previous lap.