Liqui-Moly reached an important milestone at the end of last year, for the first time in the history of the company, Liqui-Moly was the motor oil brand with the strongest sales in its domestic market of Germany. With a 29.9 percent aftermarket share, it displaced its long time rival Castrol to second place. “We have been pursuing this important goal for decades. This is a sensation for us”, the managing shareholder Ernst Prost was pleased to state. This success is crowned by a sales growth for 2011 of 19 percent to €343 million.

Only a few months ago, the readers of two major German automotive magazines chose Liqui-Moly as their most popular oil brand. Ernst Prost always believed that this popularity would also be expressed in sales, and that Liqui-Moly would one day control the largest share of motor oil sales in Germany. “My team and I always had our eye on this goal. But now that we’ve achieved it, it seems unbelievable. Our company, which is tiny in comparison to the oil multinationals, is at the forefront in Germany. I’m flabbergasted!”.

Despite the growth, Liqui-Moly is determined to continue exclusive production in Germany in order to ensure the best possible quality.