There’s an old adage that says “the first million is always the hardest”. Normally that’s a line spoken only by the wealthy, but for German banker Fritz Weber that saying has taken on a whole new meaning: he’s referring to his 1989 E300D Mercedes-Benz.

Over the last 22 years he and his sons used the car every day, covering a phenomenal one million kilometres in the process.

When the odometer clicked over 600,000km Fritz thought about selling the old ‘Benz, fearing some expensive problems. However, besides a new starter motor at 800,000km, an optional upgrade to dual-airbags and a new exhaust system, no major engine work has been undertaken.

Fritz claims he has only used Liqui-Moly motor oils and additives in his E300 Diesel Mercedes-Benz since the day he bought it as a new car back in 1989.

“There is only one reason why the car runs like brand new,” Fritz believes. “I only rely on the best possible quality. Matching my German-made car with the correct oil just makes sense,” says Fritz proudly.

Fritz loves his Mercedes and cared for it with regular servicing and maintenance. In terms of driving challenges, the car regularly towed a large tandem-axle caravan on family holidays. Even today, one millions kilometres later, the 113hp Merc’ can still climb hills in second gear with the caravan attached.


The 1,000,000km E300D can now be admired in the official Mercedes museum, “Meilenwerk”, in Stuttgart Germany. Considering his success with the ‘Benz, it’s probably no surprise that Fritz will be replacing the old E300D with a new model and you can bet he’ll be using Liqui-Moly oils & additives!