“Liqui Moly has been a huge asset to our business – at Sommer Car Care we aren’t used to the level of service this company provides. They take care of their customers with exceptional service and exceptional products that we trust for every vehicle we work with. We have grown to know their people by more than just a name, we know them by face. Liqui Moly has given us many opportunities that just don’t get offered these days. You can talk directly to the decision makers that really do have your best interests at heart. We look forward to our future with Liqui Moly.

Our clients do notice the difference since we have changed to Liqui Moly and here are a couple of things we have been told by them.
“Its running beautiful as never before” and “whatever you did it feels better”. We have also been told by a client that runs a Fleet, that they have noticed a fuel consumption reduction.

So a big thank you Liqui Moly”

Ludwig Sommer, Sommer Car Care
“I thought I’d just take the time to say how pleased I am with the results after using the Engine Detox cleaner from your range. My current daily vehicle, a 2009 HOLDEN VE sports wagon recently came up with a check oil light. To cut a long story short I was quoted thousands to fix a suspected oil pickup blockage which I thought was ridiculously overpriced. I decided to use your product after doing some research online and after working on the car today, I was suprised to see what came out, especially after it was only serviced 4000kms ago! To say I was relieved that it looks to have solved the issue is an understatement. I know most people are very quick to complain about issues or not being satisfied about things but perhaps not as quick to give the positive feedback when it is deserved.

So I would just like to say thankyou for a great product and for it to do exactly what it says it will do. This has saved me a lot of money and frustration and I will definitely be recommending your products to the people that I know.

Kind regards from a very happy customer!”

Daniel Jones

“BMW 325i 2009 N52 engine condemned by the dealer as unrepairable due to excess of sludge in vanos system and the internals in the engine. I carried out inspection and found this to be true. Although I thought I would try and remove all removeable components and clean, refit and carry out three engine flushes with LM proline engine Flush as the customer did not want to spend too much money due to the previous recommendation by the dealer. Customer went away. Came back 2,000kms later for another engine flush, I found the engine successfully on route to repair. I carried out one more engine flush, customer returned 10,000kms and car is going very well. So this unrepairable engine fixed simply by LM Proline engine flush. Found this product and all LM additives I use to be very reliable and I use a minimum of two additives in every service I do along with LM high quality oil. Majority of my customers return to me for the products I religiously rely upon which are all Liqui Moly.”

Jordan Carter, Btuned
“We have used Liqui moly for two and a half years now and in that time we have seen lots of great results from the oil and additives. Never in 25years have we had so many customers claim that their cars run better after we serviced it. We have done back to back testing on our dyno with the oil and especially MoS2 and Ceratec additives and have been really impressed with the results. We have also pulled apart an engine which we used the 20w50 MoS2 oil in and have been really pleased seeing minimal wear on all components inside the motor. The service from our rep Kristian is excellent and very honest. Couldn’t be happier.”
Tony Marakis, Michael J’s & Son




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